Laboratorio de exploración sonora 

01_ [No tittle] ebow, rub ball, little bits, screws and tactile synth

02_ De la oxidación de las proteínas de las células. Del calor animal_ ebow, screws, blu tack, rubber and tactile synth

03_ Construcciones, demoliciones three pyramid clothespins, strings touched by fingertips and modified

04_ Sad about the data bamboo sticks, talking metronome and atmospheres created by synthesizers 

05_ Miyoshi. Doll town. piano string harmonics, rub ball and sequencer

06_NASA bolts, ebow and how I imagine communication microwaves from satellites sound like

07_ RED piano harmonics

08_ ÓVALOS prepared piano and synthesizer

Electronics and prepared piano with really big bolts evolved in rubber and masking tape.

10_ Slipping expanded piano with rub ball and live processing

11_ Conversation lesson. Who cares about what they’re saying. prepared piano (bolts, screws, bamboo sticks, pieces of wood, masking tape and so…)

12_ To iterate. piano and tactile synth with live processing

13_ Opportunity rover.
In memoriam Opportunity rover part of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER). Opportunity has operated over 14 years and traveled over 45 km in Mars. Opportunity last communicated with Earth was on 10 June 2018. A dust storm blanketed its solar-powered location on Mars. Prepared piano and synthesizer mixed with real sounds from nasa base data

15_ Remember. Prepared piano, electronics sound sequenced and gongs

16_ Coht’. little bits and tactile synthesizer

17_ Phoskitos. prepared piano (rubber) and a credit card

18_ Carmenes. screws, ebow and my own voice in an interview (101.5 Costa Rica Radio. Ruido Blanco program)

19_ Puzzlement. synthesizer and low tones generator

20_ ERRORDTAA. piano with delay and several errors

21_ One round head bolt. prepared piano with round head bolts with different sizes

22_ Receptor superheterodino. prepared piano with eyebolts

23_ Danza roomba. little bits, roomba sounds and sequencer

24_ El Séptimo Sello_ Ingmar Bergman. prepared piano with eraser

25_ Reflexión. prepared piano (bolt with rubber, rubber, anchor and pyramid pins + soundscape from Ronda)

26_ Disneyland versus. resonance grand piano pedal and synthesizer

27_ It spin me around. prepared piano with pyramid pins and pre-recorded sounds sequenced

28_ Reality. sequencer with beetle sounds, little bits and synthesizer

29_ Dialogue. synthesizer, electric guitar and electronic sounds

30_ DV in nature. piano and sound landscape from bodega descalzos viejos (Ronda, 14.04.2019, 15.15-15.30h)

31_ Wonderful (life is wonderful, people must be wonderful). prepared piano with delay, synthesizer and sequenced noises

32_ Digital inception. synthesizer, prepared piano and voice

33_ After reading Deleuze. piano and delay sounds synthesized

34_ Plucky. synthesized sounds and looper

35_ I live here. prepared piano (rub ball, slide, ebow and eyebolts), looper and sequencer

36_ Destrucción. piano and tactile synthesizer

39_ Change of heart. prepared piano, midi piano and electronics

40_ Surfaces. prepared piano with wood sticks and ebow

41_ Puentes y bacterias. extended piano

45_ Re-rewind. prepared piano (bluetack, mallets and superball) and synthesizer

46*_Tropical chasm. Flute, Fernando Brox
prepared piano (pyramid clamps and rubberballs)

47_ A Supermarket. Poem (fragment) by Allen Ginsberg. ‘A Supermarket in California’ (1955). prepared piano with digital effetcs

48_ Thinking Mompou. Clouds. piano, resonant materials and digital effects

49_ Too much, too many. Coney Island. Flute, Fernando Brox Piano and electronics

51_ This is my town (2). prepared piano, littlebits and digital effects